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Landscapes - Maintenance

Maintenance is everything. Whether your garden is manicured, lush, all green or full of flowers - if you want it to 1) look it's best, and 2) last as long as possible, it is essential that you hire me, or someone like me, in ADDITION to your regular gardener. Period.

I'm always open to people that want to "learn how to do it themselves" and am happy to show you step-by-step how to maintain your own garden. Of course there are exceptions, but my experience is that no matter how good someone's intentions are, life happens, they get busy and, well - don't keep it up and their garden pays the price.

Your garden is an investment and should be treated that way. Or consider it like having a bunch of new pets - they need to be fed, cared for & groomed. Ok, so you don't have to walk your plants! But you get the idea.

No matter how good your regular gardener is, for what they charge and the time they spend at your home, they generally aren't able to do much more than mow, blow and take-out the trash. Ok, maybe they'll take it upon themselves to replace a dead plant or two. Just keep in mind you hired a landscape designer for the expertise your gardener doesn't have, and that same expertise is needed to keep your garden looking it's best. I don't mean to bash gardeners! There are many great ones, and their services are important - but DETAILED MAINTENANCE is something entirely different.

Landscapes - Detailed MaintenanceDETAILED MAINTENANCE

How often?
We should come out a minimum of 4 times per year, but monthly visits are ideal.

What do we do?
  • Carefully deadhead spent flowers, dead leaves & branches (looks better and encourages new growth)
  • Re-shape/maintain shape of plants & trees, trim stray branches, and artistically prune anything overgrown
  • Trim, weave, re-route, and/or guide vines
  • Stake or tie-back plants if needed
  • Fertilize if needed
  • Troubleshoot plants that aren't doing well
  • Check for under-or-over watering
  • Make recommendations (if requested) for plant fill-ins
  • Anything else that would be needed to keep your personal landscape at it's best
What does it cost?
Depending on the job I either come alone at $55 per hour, or with an assistant at $25-30 per hour.
An average job takes no more than 2 hours, but we will always discuss with you before we begin and won't ever take it upon ourselves to stay longer without prior approval.

If there is an unusually large amount of debris that needs to be hauled-away, or very large trees that need to be pruned, we'll provide a quote.

Plants, materials such as stakes, fertilizer, rocks, soil, etc. will also be quoted as needed before charges are incurred.

We'd be happy to take a look at your home and provide an estimate for what we feel it would take to keep it looking beautiful.

Please email us to schedule or for more information.


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