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Ladera Heights Dream Garden
The owners of this home had very specific requests: California Natives, bird & butterfly friendly, low water, succulents (particularly Agave tequilliana), a rock sculpture-like water feature and no grass! And I added their need for a main entrance. We filled nearly a dozen trash bins with dirt, grass & concrete as the quiet neighborhood watched and wondered what was going on! We used 2 colors of slate and lots of gravel throughout, and added quartzite for the driveway. We turned the ‘dirt planting mound’ into main entrance stairs with slate that continues like a carpet to the front door, with flush driveway lights on either side. And not only did we use the last 3 mature blue Agave tequillianas available, but we also found 2 in a rare variegated variety. The courtyard and bedroom patio were done with lush plants in colors to accent the slate along with a unique 1/16” gravel for a clean look, as well as to help retain water. In the backyard a meandering sandstone path takes you through the garden that features 98% California Natives and bird or butterfly attracting plants and trees. The plants, along with the water feature we created from 3 granite rocks totaling almost 4,000 lbs, has quickly become home to a variety of birds, a pair of doves, and butterflies in colors that you rarely see. Eventually the plants will completely cover the fence and many will grow above it to block neighboring houses from view. As the plants continue to grow and take shape this garden will transform into something very special.

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