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HGTV Outer Spaces - Jazz Club Yard
The producers from HGTV's "Outer Spaces" asked me to design this episode - and what an amazing project it was! Christine Simmons wanted to surprise her husband, Will, with a jazz-inspired backyard area. And even though I had a few weeks to prepare, the 'Before' and 'After' photos were taken 24 hours apart! It was a very creative process that took lots of long, hard-working hours. Artist, Paul Seibel, and music group The Toledo Show, also added to this fun project. Look below to see everything that we did!

HGTV Outer Spaces
Jazz Club Yard

Original airdates:
7.24.04 - 1:30pm
7.30.04 - 5:00pm

Transforming a backyard into an 'outdoor jazz club' in 1 day!

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My concept was to turn the area and garage wall into a Bayou-type jazz club. This was my first rough lay-out.

The biggest problem was what to with an uneven cement slab without removing it. So I thought of putting this jazz club on the 'water' and simply laid strips of wood across it, added some tall posts with rope and our 'dock' was done.

I asked a wonderful artist & friend, Paul Seibel to help with the facade of the 'club.' He added moulding, built shutters, and faux finished everything in the greatest colors that he mixed himself.

Probably the most significant part of the 'jazz club' are the two original paintings that I asked Paul to create. I don't know what I'm more impressed with -- the paintings or the speed in which he painted them!

Paul painted some Japanese Shoji screens that he found in an alley to use as window panes for the paintings, which were to mimic the inside of the club. Thank you Paul for adding so much to this project!

I found fantastic old furniture at a 'secret spot' in Burbank that we repainted the day of the shoot. Everything actually changed colors 3 or 4 times before everyone was happy!

I spent days shopping at swap meets and yard sales for vintage accessories. And when I was walking my dogs one night I saw this great old step stool sticking out of a trash can! We used it as a plant stand, but I really wanted to keep it myself!

We made dog houses out of old crates for their dogs, Buster & Tyson. Of course there are cozy dog beds inside!

And what's the Bayou without an Alligator?! Check out the old fishing tackle bucket I used for a planter, and the vase made from a trumpet.

We gutted & painted a piano and made it into a bar. Bar stools courtesy of my secret spot.

I painted a wine rack from Cost Plus, and filled old Coca Cola bottles with Gerber Daisys.

I also made planters out of metal buckets, an old water cooler and a guitar. And we turned an old Tuba into a working fountain!

We made chairs from old wine barrels (note the old wine color on the backrest), and placemats from jazz posters. For the table I used Fiesta ware and vintage Jadite.

The seats were faux-finished with teal & olive, and the table was covered in old sheet music.

And for the grand finale, I had my friends with the Toledo Show (Toledo & Malik Pointer, vocals, Melvin Brannon, bass, & Walter Davis, sax) perform and turn the last scene into a real party! A first for "Outer Spaces" I'm sure!

Susie Coelho & Christine unvieled the yard to Will who was totally shocked! And he loved that I filled the table with food from Roscoe's (if you don't know, you better ask somebody). It was actually cold by the time we were finally allowed to eat it -- but we ate it anyway! Will & Christine are still enjoying their new backyard. When I stopped by to check on things I noticed Buster and Tyson were enjoying it to -- the alligator was in a million little pieces!


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